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15 Jun 2005
Linux on Acer Aspire 1681WLCi Laptop ( 1980 Series ) - SuSe 9.3 Pro (linux_on_acer_laptop.html)
I tried to install Linux on this laptop for about 5 months, I have found some different kinds of problem but now I can use all the functionality of this notebook this system not only with MS XP but with Linux too. I have installed some different distributions (Suse 9.1, Suse 9.2, Mandrake 9.2, FreeBSD (Impossible!!!!), Ubuntu, Fedora (the biggest problem!!!)) but every time I found some problems regarding the HW compatibility. At the end, last month, I have installed SuSe 9.3 Professional and after some manual configuration everything looks to work good.

09 Jun 2005
-> Problem with ACPI for Acer Laptops 1680 series (1681WLCi) DEFINITIVELY RESOLVED
In the past week I have worked a lot to try to resolve some problems regarding the use of the Power Management on my laptop. Thanks to google I find a lot of useful information but I was unable to find a real definitive solution for this kind of laptop.
The problem are:
    1- This kind of laptops doesn't support APM (Advanced Power Management) but only ACPI (Advanced Configuration and Power Interface)
    2- Today many company build their BIOS only supporting Microsoft OS, so they are incompatible with some standard used by every other OS
    3- I can't find anything in the directories /proc/acpi/ac_adapter and /proc/acpi/battery so I was unable to see the status of my battery and I can't implement the functionality of ACPI on my system
    4- The DSDT resulted to be bugged, I had to correct it
    5- There is a missing ECDT  on my system so I have had to patch the kernel to resolve this problem
    6- Acer Laptops uses a so called Smart Batteries that have a different way to work

09 Jun 2005
Problem with ACPI for Acer Laptops 1680 series (1681WLCi) DEFINITIVELY RESOLVED (ACPI_problem_linux.html)
Yesterday night (08 Jun 2005) I resolved all my problem for this kind of laptop that use non standard DSDT. Before I was unable to find anything into the directory /proc/acpi/ac_adapter and /proc/acpi/battery and I was unable to see the status of my battery. Moreover I my ACPI doesn't work properly. I use SuSe 9.3 but I think with some modification this guide is useful for every kind of distribution. This is a version 1.0 of this guide, not definitive!! I'm writing it as fast as possible to give you the possibility to take in account this way to solve the problem. In the next days I will a more definitive guide at this address. Here you can find this document too and all the files that are requested in this document.


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